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Pump Fig Paste

Pump Fig Paste

Fig paste dics

Fig paste looks like an unpumpable material but, as you will discover, this high viscosity paste is an ingredient that we can successfully pump.

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Pump Project Description

The client was involved in the manufacture of biscuits and needed to reduce the intensive manual labour and extended preparation time typically involved in working with fig paste and introducing the material into the production line.

The product is delivered in white plastic tubs with an internal plastic bag liner with a total weight of 25kg. When unpacked, the fig paste discs looked firm, dry and actually resembled chocolate sponge cakes.

The client intended on removing the fig paste from the tubs and plastic bags then loading it by dropping the unwrapped ‘cakes’ into the screw feeder and pump unit.

The ‘cakes’ would be loaded into the bespoke screw feeder unit via the open safety lid and when sufficiently filled, the lid would be closed and pumping could commence.

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