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Pump Butter Blocks

Pump Butter Blocks

Unpumpable butter blocks

We can pump butter blocks straight from the chill at temperatures from around 2°C (35°C).

The rework of chilled butter blocks is perhaps our most common application and is actually the duty that led us to develop our screw feeder systems in the first place. The munching up of cold, solid butter blocks is also the reason for the name ‘BlockBuster’ – the system just busts those blocks!

Best Way to Pump Butter Blocks

We’ve delivered many butter block pump systems over the years and all clients report the same improvements to their production:

  • Streamlined production with rapid discharging and dosing of butter, on-demand and directly into mixers
  • Waste reduction with consistent output and no lumps nor corners in the mix
  • Reduced mixing times with finely extruded, consistent butter every time
  • Extended lifetime of your mixers by no longer loading solids blocks
  • Time-savings on:
    • Manual cutting
    • Manual weighing
    • Manual portioning
    • Using mixers to break down blocks of butter
  • Health & Safety
    • Less heavy lifting & reduced risk of slip-hazards & greasy floors
    • No need for knives

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