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Pump Caramel

Pump Caramel

Pump solid caramel

Unpumpable 20kg blocks of caramel from a client in the USA presented us with one of our biggest pump challenges yet.

Supplied in cartons, the 20kg (44lb) blocks of caramel were stored inside blue plastic bag liners.

Within our workshop, we removed the packaging and checked the temperature of the blocks. The thermometer showed a core temperature of 9.5°C (49°F).

Unwrapping Caramel Blocks

Caramel block unwrapping
Unwrapping 20kg Caramel Block

How hard is the caramel?

The caramel would typically be warmed in order to soften and make it usable for food production but we want to remove the need for heating and the associated time and energy costs. At ambient temperature, the blocks are very hard – watch the below video as we show just how solid these blocks of caramel are at an ambient temperature of 9.5°C.

As you will see, we used a highly scientific method to test the hardness…a hammer!

Caramel block versus hammer!

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So, when we loaded these solid blocks of caramel into our ‘BlockBuster’ screw feeder and pump system, would they pump or would they be unpumpable?

Scroll down for more information and the full video showing our caramel pump project results.

Pump Caramel Blocks Video

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